Your Home Just Got Cooler With The Keen Smart Vent

Most of us head to the thermostat to turn up the heat or air, but what if we could not only keep our homes more comfortable with fewer trips to the thermostat, but also control the temperature in individual rooms? With the Keen Home Smart Vent and its innovative technology, we can. Thanks to the Internet of Things, it seems as if almost anything is possible.

What It Does

Unlike the traditional vents located in various rooms throughout our homes, the Keen Home Smart Vent is different. Each vent contains its own temperature sensor which allows you to customize the temperature in each room. This is great news for those of us who have to keep some rooms incredibly hot just to get the thermostat in the hallway to kick the furnace off.

One of the most exciting things about the Keen Home Smart Vent is the fact that it will supposedly learn your unique routine and automatically adjust temperatures in your home as you go about your day. For instance, if you wake usually shower at 7pm and you like a warm bathroom, the vent will automatically allow the room to warm up for you so it is just the right temperature at shower time.

Simple Setup

Those of us interested in the Keen Home Smart Vent will not have to rewire anything or purchase expensive thermostats. Because the Keen vents have sensors built in, they simply open and close as necessary to maintain a room’s temperature. In fact, you can install your vent in minutes and enjoy the benefits immediately.

Everything is simple to use, so even our parents and grandparents can benefit from the comfort and energy savings that a smart vent can offer. To control the temperature in your home or in any room of the home, a simple smartphone or tablet app is all that is required. Also, a Smart Bridge or hub is required to connect the Smart Vents together and to the internet. Keen is currently including a free Smart Bridge with every pre-order.

What to Expect

Each Keen Home Smart Vent costs about $80, but and the manufacturer recommends replacing 1/3 of all vents in your home with their products. An HVAC system needs a certain amount of airflow to operate efficiently, and if the blower motor continuously works against too many closed vents, then it creates pressure inside of the air handler. This puts undue strain on the moving parts of the unit and may cause it to fail. Keen has built pressure sensors into each Smart Vent, so they can detect and react to excessive build up which also prevent every vent on the system from being closed at the same time.

Keen Home recommends replacing vents in problem areas of our homes, where the temperatures usually seem too cool or too warm compared to the rest of the house. The company also recommends placing these vents where the temperature seems to fluctuate throughout the day in order to help maintain their comfort.

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