Take The Pain Out Of IoT Integrations

As IoT products continue to proliferate and become more mainstream, the complexity of an individual’s connected life widens as each IoT product has it’s own application. Have no fear, below are a couple companies that aim to solve the “Integrations” problem and simplify the end user experience for the typical IoT consumer.

Stringify – Creating powerful experiences is as easy as tapping on the Things you want to include, connecting them together with a simple swipe of the finger, configuring a few simple options and you’re done. No need to worry about protocols, APIs, or other tech jargon. Add the Things you want and let Stringify handle the rest. That’s it and it’s pretty fun!


IFTT – A popular platform for stitching together recipes for your favorite web and mobile apps, IFTT now allows users of smart home IoT devices to do the same. With a plethora of integrations available for a wide array of connected products, the IFTT ecosystem just continues to grow… enabling true home automation.


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.47.07 AM


As more connected IoT devices come online in the future, we will see more IoT integration solutions continue to pop up. Until then, take these two solutions for a test drive and leave us some feedback on your experience below!

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