Singlecue Offers One-Finger Motion Control for Your Home

Motion control, or the ability to navigate menus and control your electronics all with a flick of the wrist, is one of those staple sci-fi technologies that has become quite real. Having had its start in the video game industry with products like the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect for Xbox, the ability to wave your hand or seemingly physically interact with digital screens was much more of a reality than it ever was before.

Singlecue is a product that taps into motion controls and simplifies it all the way down to a single finger. The device is a small camera that sits in front of your TV and, with the aid of the Singlecue app for Android and iOS, can be configured to control a wide array of devices, such as TV sets from Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung; digital cable boxes from DirecTV and Comcast; streaming media boxes like Roku and AppleTV; and also game consoles like the Xbox One.

However, an even more interesting goal of Eyesight Technology, the company behind Singlecue, is to have their motion technology eventually support smart home hubs. So, instead of using a pinch or flick to adjust the volume or change the channel, you could tweak the brightness of your lighting or even the temperature on your thermostat all with just a swish of your finger. It’s like having the entire IoT (internet of things) practically in the palm of your hand.

Singlecue is a very innovative form of technology that makes the natural progression in integrating motion control into our everyday lives. The “Minority Report” fantasy of having sweeping digital screens that we can grab and pull and zoom in on with grand motions of our arms is essentially impractical in the long run, no matter how appealing Hollywood makes it. But reducing control of your home entertainment system, and soon your entire home, to simple gestures you can make with one finger is precisely where the technology should be headed.

The innovation is there, though Singlecue isn’t quite the full-featured remote control replacement it ultimately hopes to be. But for users who want the most basic of control over your entertainment without fumbling for their universal remote, this may be the perfect product for them. Those of us who are also future-thinking and have already outfitted our homes with smart technology may also want to jump aboard and get ready to control our entire home with just the tip of our finger.

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