Philips Hue Now Compatible with Apple’s HomeKit

The modern-day internet is for much more than just computers. The IoT (internet of things) has opened the door for a wide range of products which can connect or interface with the internet, ultimately leading to advances such as Apple’s HomeKit, a hub for all of your connected apps which gives you control over your door locks, shades, thermostat, and lighting all from your iPhone.

Philips, a worldwide leader in consumer electronics, has been a part of this revolution in internet connectivity for some time now. Launching in 2012, Philips Hue was the first step in wirelessly-controllable, dynamic lighting, so whether you wanted a variety of colorful lights to create powerful ambiance or just simply the ability to dim and control your lighting over your network, Hue had you covered.

Philips has since released the new Hue Bridge 2.0, the central network interface for all Hue bulbs which now supports HomeKit. This integration is extremely beneficial for users of Apple’s home automation software who may be looking for wireless lighting solutions that offer a little more than just “on/off” versatility.

The Hue app may not be fully compatible with other HomeKit devices, but commands can be tied together. For example, if you’re looking to set a Halloween scene and dim your lights – or even turn them red – while also firing up your TV and Blu-ray player with your favorite scary movie, you can do that, and the Hue Bridge will handle whatever lighting request you make.

Those of us who may already be on-board with Philips Hue may be able to get a discount if they’re looking to upgrade to the new Hue Bridge 2.0 by trading in their old Bridge. Fortunately, you won’t be left behind if you choose to stick with the original Hue Bridge model, because Philips will continue to support it.

We’re excited for the future of the growing Internet of Things, and the future of technology is gradually paving the way toward the fully connected home. Imagine being able to walk out of the office and use your iPhone to set your thermostat for a comfortable temperature, turn on some gentle lighting in your living room, tune your TV to the news or your favorite show, and even pre-heat your smart oven so that you can throw in dinner right as you walk in the door. Integrations like we’re seeing with Philips and Apple are just some of those first steps.

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