Matrix – Super IoT Device or Kickstarter Flop?

As many of you in the IoT world know, there was a recent Kickstarter campaign launched just a few days ago for a product called Matrix, a single device that contains 15 different sensors used to interact with surrounding IoT devices.

Reading through the Kickstarter page, you will see that the capabilities of the Matrix portray an almost Orwellian stitching of human computer interaction, allowing it to control a TV or unlock a door with either voice or gestures quite easily. Additionally, Matrix provides user feedback via a multi-color light ring along the perimeter of the device; making the experience somewhat mysterious.

Exploring the Kickstarter page initially, you will find that this proposed project is nothing short of amazing…we were dazzled. Could this single solution really bridge all IoT devices in your smart home?

Although we would like to see this project become a reality, after some discussion here at LatestNet we are uncertain that this feature rich IoT device will offer a smooth experience for the end user once in production. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the Matrix – Kickstarter Campaign and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment or donating to their Kickstarter campaign.




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