June is the Wi-Fi Ready Smart Oven of the Future

The rise of the IoT (internet of things) has been fairly expected. As our homes grew more connected, it wasn’t too surprising to see things like televisions and cable boxes connect alongside our computers and cell phones. Since then, we’ve gained the ability to control the locks on our doors, our lights, and our thermostats all from our phones. Heck, even some refrigerators now have built-in displays to allow you to check your Facebook page while picking out a snack.

The next step in this progression comes in the form of June, a countertop smart oven that comes with a hefty price tag but a whole lot more in innovation. Roughly the same size as your standard microwave, June uses internal weight and temperature sensors to make the cooking process easier than it ever has been before. Whereas a traditional oven is the equivalent of a hot metal box that you put your food into, June has the power to detect the type of food you’re cooking, how much it weighs, and how long you’ll need to cook it to get it to the perfect temperature.

The cooking process is dramatically simple, as well: prepare your food, insert the core temperature thermometer, and June will handle the rest. The necessary info is synced with the app on your smartphone and you can even get a notification when your food is ready.

Some of the extra features of June include a digital scale built into the top of the oven, four broiling elements, two baking elements, and controlled fans that maintain equal temperature throughout the oven. The design of the oven cavity itself was made with consistent temperature control in mind. One particular feature of the oven that may seem extraneous is actually quite useful.

From June’s app, you can not only monitor the cooking time and other settings, but also tune in to a video feed of your cooking in progress. This allows you to keep a close eye on certain baking recipes without opening the oven door, which can alter the cooking time and even cause problems. It’s a simple step that actually has a lot of value for people who make regular use of their oven.

June certainly won’t replace your full-size convectional oven, but for general, everyday cooking needs, it provides a significant amount of useful technology to integrate into your smart home. In time, we could definitely see June becoming a cornerstone of our smart kitchen of the future.

One thought on “June is the Wi-Fi Ready Smart Oven of the Future

  • November 17, 2015 at 7:39 am

    I pledged for this already! And bringing an IoT oven to my home should improve how my family use our kitchen for sure. Can’t wait to get some nice steak and fish out from the oven. :)

    Pre-order with this referral link, an extra $100 off automatically applies which makes it only $1395: https://juneoven.com/j/7cVArwMR


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