Google’s OnHub is the Connected Home Router We Need

It isn’t too surprising that when Google announced their $200 wireless router, the OnHub, many people scoffed at the thought. A traditional wireless router could offer great coverage and speed for less than half the cost, so what was it about the OnHub that made it so special? With a cursory look at the router’s spec sheet, it starts to become a lot clearer.

Boasting the latest in wireless technology as well as 13 antennas, OnHub promises the best possible wireless connection to your internet that you can get. Additionally, OnHub is extremely user friendly, making it as simple as firing up the Google On app to configure your network, monitor wifi data usage, and even prioritize internet traffic to specific devices. Want to make sure your Chromecast stream goes uninterrupted? Prioritize it! But despite all of that exciting stuff, the part which has us most excited isn’t just what OnHub can do now, but what OnHub is built to do in the future.

The connected home truly is the future of internet technology, giving us the power to control our lights, doors, thermostat, and other household devices from our laptop or smartphone without even being home. OnHub is made to support the IoT (internet of things) and all of the devices that come along with it by supporting the various communication protocols that these devices use, such as Weave and Thread, to allow for maximum compatibility.

There are some concerns in this first generation of OnHub, mainly having to do with certain elements of that ‘future-thinking’ setup. For one, there isn’t much in the way of available LAN ports, so those of us with more than one wired network device may have to invest in a network hub just to support those devices. Additionally, in a world of voice activation, OnHub has no on-board microphone to support any level of voice commands. This isn’t the end of the world, but for a router that boasts about reinventing wireless networking, it would’ve been nice.

OnHub is a very non-traditional router for very non-traditional users. Today, the average person could probably get by with your basic router and not blink an eye, but for those of us with an eye toward the future and a fixation on growing and adapting with the latest technological advances, OnHub more than meets our needs. It’s future-ready, easily adaptable for the connected home, and gives users the utmost of control over their wireless network in ways we’ve never seen before.

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