Disrupting Home Healthcare with Kinsa’s Smart Thermometer

A home thermometer is one of the most undervalued tools in your home until we need it. And, when we need it, it’s either impossible to find or the batteries have gone dead. Now, it’s possible to experience the newest and finest in thermometer technology with the Kinsa Smart Thermometer. Kinsa has taken the latest, most efficient machine learning and data science technology and incorporated it into a smart thermometer. The Kinsa thermometer takes fast, accurate temperature readings so we have that valuable information when it’s needed most.

Very durable, efficient and user-friendly, the Kinsa smart thermometer doesn’t use batteries. It plugs into the headphone jack of any smartphone or can use its own standing extension cord. The free Kinsa App is available for easy download and will guide users through all of the capabilities of the thermometer as well as easy-to-use instructions. When it’s needed most, the Kinsa thermometer and technology behind it will guide and comfort users.

Kinsa is the perfect thermometer for use with children. it is extremely durable and lightweight but also is aesthetically pleasing to children – it looks great! When in use, the thermometer will display on the smartphone, letting children see when the temperature is being read and when it’s ready to read. The display allows kids to play a ‘bubble popping’ game while they’re waiting, making the task of taking a temperature one that they will look forward to.

Because the Kinsa thermometer uses smartphone technology, it is able to make use of 25,000 times the processing power of a standard thermometer. Using the almost endless possibilities of a smartphone, the Kinsa technology uses the power, processing and the impressive display possibilities to turn the task of taking a routine temperature into an experience. And because the thermometer uses the technology of the smartphone, there are practically no electronics inside the thermometer. And again, there are no batteries necessary so the thermometer is always ready to use. It’s lightweight, durable, and easy to store and to carry.

The engineers at Kinsa have discovered and implemented the use of the latest smartphone technology in the simplest tool necessary for effective home health care. The thermometer is able to provide efficient, accurate readings with every use. And the efficiency and capabilities of the Kinsa thermometer will continue to improve every time the Kinsa app is connected and updated. Because of the extended possibilities, Kinsa is able to detect if the thermometer isn’t properly positioned in the mouth and will help put it into place for an accurate reading.

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