Angee Pioneers Innovation in Smart Home Security

As the IoT movement continues forward, keypad home security systems of yesteryear are finally starting to become archaic as pioneering products such as Angee move to disrupt them. Based in San Fransisco, Angee Inc. is a small team looking to create a fully automated security system that encompasses some of the latest technologies in IoT, such as voice control and machine learning.

One of the most notable features of Angee is the 360-degree motion detection. By utilizing multiple infrared sensors, Angee rotates accordingly and keeps an eye on anyone or anything that moves within the room. Angee can also keep the perimeter of your home safe with the use of security tags, which are disc shaped sensors that are placed near windows and doors. The Angee and security tags are connected via Bluetooth 4.1 which allows it to detect which residents are home via their smartphone .

What makes Angee truly smart is it’s ability to determine suspicous behavior. Using machine learning algorithms, it analyzes movement by unknown guests, analyzes entry/exit patterns, and detects change in background noise or voices that may stand out from the normal “at home” scenario. If suspicious behavior is detected, a notification is sent to the homeowners via the mobile app, allowing the option to stream video and record to Amazon’s cloud.

Angee is expected to deliver October 2016 for $429, but early Kickstarter campaign pledges can receive one Angee and one security tag for only $299. We are excited to see what the future holds for Angee Inc. as we feel they the potential to become a true leader in the smart home security.

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